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Cultivating lifelong learners

At Point Dume School, our mission is to empower students to realize their individual potential, develop a sense of empathy and act with social responsibility. 


Thus, Point Dume School strives to create a unique liberal arts curriculum embracing the best of progressive educational practices, which provide our students with an enriched academic curriculum and a supportive and tolerant community. 


Within our daily school setting, we seek to develop analytical and critical thinkers who grasp new ideas and knowledge from a global perspective.


Recognizing that students have a variety of needs at each developmental stage and learn in different ways, Point Dume School is committed to help each student learn to think critically; cultivate a passion for success in academics, the arts and the outdoors; achieve a sense of emotional and physical well-being; celebrate cultural differences and our common humanity; gain a sense of personal and community responsibility and develop a life-long love of learning.


student to teacher ratio

of Point Dume School's  students have gone on to college.

We emphasize
  • Guided, cooperative learning

  • Social and emotional skills such as inclusion, empathy, kindness and diversity

  • Connections across academics, such as math with history

  • Inquiry-based projects, short and long term

  • Positive discipline

  • Environmental sustainability


We believe students learn best when
  • They are actively involved.

  • They use all of their senses to discuss, debate, explore, investigate, create, and gather their own information.

  • They study subjects in depth rather than in broad overviews, bringing in information and concepts from related areas.

  • They are interested in the topic, are challenged but not frustrated, and are having fun.


Our curriculum is designed to
  • Rely on non-competitive assessments, not standardized testing.

  • Be student centered.

  • Be age appropriate.

  • Teach core concepts and skills, academic and social.

  • Include open-ended learning experiences which have many solutions to one problem.

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